The program program at Lakeside Early Learning has been carefully designed to help children develop in all areas: social/emotional, fine and gross motor skills, spiritual, and cognitive. We have a young 3’s transition room where children go directly from the toddler room; an older 3’s/younger 4’s preschool room, and a Pre-K room. Typically children move up to the next classroom when they return to school after Labor Day. Classroom schedules are designed to help children learn and grow in all areas, with a combination of teacher-directed as well as exploratory learning time. Research shows that children learn best from play, and our program and classrooms have been designed with this in mind.  Classrooms have a minimum of 60 minute center time each day as children need extended time in order to get into what they are working on and benefit the most from the activities. A typical day in a preschool room consists of morning latchkey, circle time (story, songs, jobs, calendar, weather, explanation of activities for the day), center time (free play, with specific learning in mind for the activities teachers put out), morning snack, specialist class, outside time, lunch, Bible time, nap/rest time, afternoon snack, center time, outside time. 

We use the Creative Curriculum at Lakeside Early Learning. Each week we have a theme that all of our activities are based on, as well as a letter of the week. 

Assessments are done twice a year using the Work Sampling assessment system. Assessments are done in the fall and the spring, and families are offered conferences at that time.