Lakeside Early Learning opened its first preschool class in September of 2013 as part of St. Michael’s Lakeside School. Due to high demand, it opened a second preschool room in September 2014. In June of 2017, the early childhood program broke off from the Diocese of Duluth when St. Michael’s K-5th grade program closed its doors. It then became St. Michael’s Lakeside Early

Learning. In September of 2017, St. Michael’s Lakeside Early Learning opened its third

preschool room and first toddler room. By November 2017, it opened its fourth preschool room and second toddler room due to high demand when another child care center closed. In June of 2018,

St. Michael’s Lakeside Early Learning opened a third toddler room due to high demand, bringing over an entire toddler class as well as staff from Benedictine when they closed their infant and toddler

program. Lakeside Early Learning is licensed for 80 preschoolers and 30 toddlers. At any given time enrollment averages 90-100 students. In April of 2020, St. Michael’s Church decided that the

preschool & child care program was no longer a mission of the church. At this time, a non-profit board was formed by staff and families who wanted to see the program to continue and Lakeside Early Learning was the result.